• Are you Eligible for The Obama Plan
  • How to Avoid Loan Modification Scams
  • How to Prepare Your Loan Modification Package
  • How to Negotiate With Your Lender
  • How to Reduce The Amount You Owe The Bank
  • How Bankruptcy Can Help Save Your Home
  • How to Audit Your Loan For Violations-Increases Chance Of Modification
  • How to Buy A Home after Foreclosure
  • How to Establish Your Property's Value
  • 10 Pre-Written Hardship Letters
  • How to Get your Interest Rate Reduced
  • Saving Your Home During Foreclosure
    And Much More...
  • The 5 Key Factors that Affect Your Credit Score
  • 30 Pre-Written Credit Letters to Help Rebuild Your Credit After Set Backs
  • Pre-Written Letters to Help Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates
  • Pre-Written Letters to Stop Collection Agencies From Calling
  • Explanation of How to Properly Fill Out Forms
  • Loss Mitigation Fax Cover Sheet
  • Example Cover Letter
  • Loan Modification Proposal
  • Real Estate Cash Flow Worksheet
  • Dynamic Expense Worksheet
  • Example Hardship Letter Included With Book