Author, Talk Show Host and Housing Advocate, Shirin Sharkawi has been fighting to Save The American Dream for over 7 years. Considered an expert in the area of Real Estate, Mortgage Financing, marketing and business development, Shirin has used her expertise to arm Americans with the tools to secure their financial future.

Over the past 7 years, Shirin Sharkawi has been featured and continues to be featured on Radio Stations across the United States, such as 92.3 FM, The Steve Harvey Show, The Warren Ballentine Show, XM, Sirius Radio, Urban Radio Networks and much more. She teaches families about buying their first home, rebuilding their credit, Real Estate Investing and Predatory Lending. Shirin is noted as a one of the leading housing Advocates by Latin Media and holds her workshops in Spanish and English.

Through the Foundation, Urban Community Development, Shirin and her team work to develop Green Job Training Programs, Low Income Housing Development, Community Development, and micro credit programs to help advance individuals in low income and developing communities. Shirin has sat on the Governor of California's Foreclosure Prevention Round Table, the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agencies Round Table, and now heads Urban Community Development Round Table. A strong Advocate of financial literacy, Shirin is currently touring across the United States, educating families on credit, housing, and long term financial planning and stability. She works with faith based groups to help them develop low income housing, training facilities, and technology centers, all with the use of Green Technology. A business leader, Shirin Sharkawi is also one of few women in Technology in North America, an industry mostly ran by men.

"Disparities in education, health and all aspects of our lives, have a much great chance of being eliminated with the use of technology. Technology expands our businesses, provides us access to experts in all areas of our lives, and creates platforms for the exchange of ideas to grow within our own homes, towns or cities." Comments Shirin.

Shirin Sharkawi can be heard every Monday on the Nationally Syndicated, Warren Ballentine Show, heard by millions each month and is a regular guest on radio stations across the nation.