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One Palestinian Woman’s Fight…To Save The American Dream 

The dream of homeownership resonates all over the world.  It is a dream that we seek because it tells us that we have finally arrived and that we have a place to build our roots, raise our children and hang the pictures on our walls in the hope that we can leave a legacy for our children and their children.  More than ever; it is a fact that families who are homeowners have children who are more likely to go to college, commit less crime and grow up healthier and happy. Home is truly where the heart is; but for millions of American families the dream is turning into a nightmare.

Communities Unite To Shame Lenders Into Cooperating

Rene Taylor and Josefa Salinas, have something in common, they have been in Radio for over 20 years, both of them are community leaders, mothers and the face of Predatory Lending Victims and Loan Modification scams.  On December 12, at the Dockweiler Youth Center in Los Angeles, CA,   along with other community members, they will tell their stories at Save The American Dream Round Table and Community Town Hall meeting.  The event is hosted by Shirin Sharkawi, Author of Save The American Dream, How to modify Your Mortgage and Rebuild Your Credit,  Housing Advocate and Host of the Nationally Syndicated Homeownership Talk Segment, on the Warren Ballentine Show.