1. Foreword     
2. How Did We Get Here
3. Take Financial Inventory – making the decision to keep or not to keep your home

4. What is a loan Modification?
  •  Who is eligible for loan modification under the Obama Plan?
  •  What aspects of a loan can be modified?
  •  How to figure out the type of Loan Modification that is right for you.
  •  The difference between a Loan Modification and a Refinance.
  •  How to Decide Whether to Refinance or Modify.

5.  Types of Modifications

  •  Principal Loan Reduction.
  •  Interest rate reduction.
  •  Term Change.
  •  Principal with 1st and second.
  •  Forbearance to Modification.

6. Loan Modification Companies

  •  When a Homeowner should Contact a Modification Company.
  •  Difference between Attorney Based Modification Companies and Non-Attorney Based Modification Companies.
  •  Difference between Attorney Based Modification Companies and Law Offices.
  •  Avoiding Loan Modifications Scams.

7. Do It Yourself Forensic Loan Audit - Increases Chance of Modifying Your Mortgage

  •  What is Respa and how does it protect consumers
  •  How to order your loan documents from the lender.
  •  Types of Respa Violations that most lenders make– Check List To Follow.
  •  Disclosures you should receive from your lender.
  •  Why A Lender Modifies quicker when there is a violation.
  •  How to use a Respa Violations to negotiate your Loan Modification.