8. Preparing For A Loan Modification

  •   How to order a copy of your original loan documents
  •   Establish your loan modification goals  
  •   Review lender guidelines – Contacts Included with the Book.
  •   Establish the type of modification you are seeking.
  •   Establish Budget/budget work sheets included.
  •   How to establish your property value.  
  •   Prepare the documentation required by the bank- List Included.
  •   Write Your Hardship Letter – Pre-Written Samples Included.  
  •   Submit your package.

9. How To Negotiate A Loan Modification

  •   How do you find each lender guidelines?
  •   Step by step process to negotiate your loan modification.
  •   The Loss Mitigation Department your point of contact.
  •   What are lenders looking for and why would they modify?
  •   If you are turned down what to do what is next.

10. Loan Modification Forms

A Step By Step Guide on how to fill out your forms.

  •   Budget work out sheet
  •   Explanation of How to Properly Fill Out Forms 
  •   Loss Mitigation Fax Cover Sheet
  •   Example Cover Letter
  •   Loan Modification Proposal
  •   Real Estate Cash Flow Worksheet
  •   Dynamic Expense Worksheet
  •   Example Hardship Letter Included With Book

11.  Foreclosures

  •   The foreclosure process.
  •   Timelines by State.
  •   Types of Foreclosures.
  •   How close to the sale date can you avoid foreclosure.

12.  Foreclosure Alternatives 

  •   Forbearance Agreement.
  •   Cost Sharing.
  •   Lease/Rent to Own.