B. Short sale

  •  How to Prepare For a Short Sale.
  •  Tax Issues for Short Sales.
  •  How Do Short Sales Affect Your Credit?
  •  When can you buy a home after a short sale?

 13. Types Of Mortgages And Picking The One That Is Right For You

14.  Bankruptcy And Your Home

  •  Can a BK Save Your Home?
  •  Is it easier to modify a loan when you enter bankruptcy?
  •  How does Chapter 7 affect your home?
  •  How does Chapter 13 affect your home?
  •  How far after Bankruptcy can you buy a home?

15.   Good Credit = Wealth  

  •  Factors that affect your credit
  •  How to re-score your credit in 72 hours.
  •  How to correct issues on your credit.
  •  How to build your credit after setbacks.
  •  How BK, Foreclosure and Short Sales affect your credit.
  •  Credit for Letters to negotiate with collection agencies.
  •  Credit form letters to negotiate with creditors.

17.  Buying A Home After Set Backs

  •  How long does it take to buy a home after bankruptcy or   foreclosure.
  •  How to prepare to buy after bankruptcy.
  •  How to prepare to buy after foreclosure.

18.  Glossary- Understanding the Terms