• Is getting a loan modification simple? 

    It has its challenges from lender to lender.   That is why it is key to be educated prior to submitting your loan package, and understanding what you can negotiate with your lender.   Consumers have tried once failed and tried again and achieved success.   This is your home, it is worth taking the time to save it and secure your family.  

President Obama's Homeowner Stability and Affordability Plan offers real hope for millions of homeowners who need a solution to stay in their home.  Not everyone will qualify however, and interested borrowers will have to complete loan modification application forms, provide proof of their income and meet certain eligibility requirements.  Most lenders are participating in this new government subsidized plan, and homeowners are encouraged to learn how they can qualify and apply for a loan workout and avoid foreclosure.

You can modify your mortgage and Save your home by ordering Save The American Dream, How to Modify Your Mortgage and Build Your Credit.